What Is An Advertorial And What Are Its Benefits?

Advertise is a specific advertising format in which a company pays to send a message about its brand or products. The advertiser pays the magazine, newspaper or website for the space needed to present a message created for the target audience.

They are used by marketers to educate potential consumers about the features of a product. They can be used to target a certain set of people, choosing the right medium to publish the advertorial.

One of the key advantages of advertorials over traditional advertising is the way it mixes with the content presented on the website or in the publication in which it appears. This can make it more difficult for readers to identify it as promotional content, which can create more trust.

The purpose of an advertorial

These advertorials practically combine the advantages of traditional print ads with specialized articles written by a news reporter. Specialty stories usually go into more detail about your company or products than traditional ads. However, you have limited control over what is published. By paying for the same advertising space as you would with a full-page ad, you have final authority over the message. This means that you can explain the benefits in detail or you can tell an effective story.


The nature of advertorials varies slightly, but they are usually distinct from conventional print ads with visuals and branded messages. These are mainly based on a long presentation of the benefits of a product or a narrative that describes the attributes of a product. However, they sometimes include visual elements.

Higher credibility

One of the main reasons advertisers choose advertorials is their perception of credibility. Thus, the more your brand or products suit the interests of the public, the greater the impact you can have. Readers generally perceive advertorials as credible in relation to advertising broadcast through other media. Advertisements are especially difficult to distinguish from regular content on websites.


Warnings are either written by a freelancer, an advertising agency or the person who owns the publication. Larger companies often develop their own ads internally or ask advertising agencies to write them. Smaller businesses sometimes ask local newspapers to create advertisements and approve them once completed. While either approach gives the advertiser the final say, an outside voice can provide a new perspective on your brand.

Advantages of advertorials

The purpose of an advertorial is to provide promotional content to readers or consumers in a way that appears to be objective. To do this, an advertiser will try to make the advertising content in accordance with some of the typical conventions of the site, publication or medium in which it will appear, so as not to stand out as obvious advertising.

It is believed that this can be beneficial, as many consumers are naturally suspicious of advertising content and consider it unreliable.

In the past, advertisements were most commonly associated with the print media, such as newspapers or magazines. In this environment, an advertiser will usually pay for the advertisement to be presented and will write content that appears like any other piece of journalism in the same publication, but with a promotional purpose.

However, in more recent times, it has become common for these advertorials to appear on websites, blogs, social platforms and other online publications. Here, the basic premise is the same, with the promotional content written by a third party and intentionally designed to look like an objective, editorial content.

Both in print and online, ads can benefit publishers in a number of key ways. If advertising space is sold, it is an efficient way to earn money from advertising agencies. In the meantime, even when the space is free, it can help bloggers and website owners post new content and generate hits.


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