7 Major SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2021

If there is one thing that every search engine optimization (SEO) expert knows, it is that just because it has worked in the past, does not mean it will work in the future. With Google’s ever-evolving algorithm, you need to constantly optimize your company’s website to keep it relevant. And like Google’s algorithm, the techniques you use will have to change based on current trends.

During 2021, the theories about the latest and greatest optimization trends will start to circulate. To make this easier, we have compiled a list of major SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021.

1. Slow page speed

It is known that if your site takes too long to load, users will be frustrated and most likely give up. But this is not the only reason why it is crucial for your company’s website to load quickly. Google has added page speed to the list of factors that are taken into account when determining SEO rankings. There are several tactics that can be used to speed up your site. These techniques include optimizing images and design elements on your site, fixing any page redirects, and reducing any unnecessary code. Accelerating your company’s website will not only improve your overall SEO ranking, but will also help increase your website traffic and encourage users to engage.

2. Duplicate content

Duplicate content occurs when there is similar or identical content on multiple pages of your company’s site. Your site will not necessarily be penalized if it contains duplicate content, but it may reduce your SEO rankings. Google’s goal is to show the most relevant search results for a user. And when multiple web pages have duplicate content, Google will only choose to display the result it deems most relevant. To prevent your site from dropping your SEO rankings, make sure that every page of your site has unique content that your target audience will find valuable.

3. Content filled with keywords

Entering keywords in the content of your website is one of the old tricks in the SEO book. That being said, it is known to be no longer a useful tactic. In fact, filling in keywords can cause your site to fall in the overall rankings. Search engine keywords are usually long-tail keywords that are repeated a little too often on a page. So instead of trying to squeeze as many keywords into your content as possible, you should write content that is targeted to your readers and what they will find valuable. When creating site content it is important to remember that you are writing content for both search engines and site visitors. Finding a balance between incorporating search engine keywords and writing content that your users will find valuable is essential.

4. Backlink – Quality over quantity

Despite popular belief when it comes to backlinks, quantity is no better than quality. In the past, the number of backlinks was more important for SEO ranking, but this is no longer the case. Nowadays, link building should instead focus on the authority that the link provides. Of course, when it comes to your business website, you just want the most notable and influential links to be associated with your site. In short, having only a few links that add validity to your site is more beneficial than having a long list of links that don’t add much value. When creating a link building strategy for your business website, focus on finding the most relevant sites to place the link to your site to improve your overall SEO ranking.

5. More pages means more traffic

Logically, if your company’s website has a lot of pages, it will get a lot of traffic, right? Wrong. Conversely, if you have too many pages that do not have quality content, you can reduce the SEO ranking of your site. When you create your company’s website, you should plan the pages of your site through a sitemap. This will allow you to focus on creating pages with high quality content instead of creating thousands of pages.

6. Ranking the influence of the rejection rate

It has always been assumed that if your company’s website has a high rejection rate, your SEO ranking will suffer. Although it is obviously preferable to have a low rejection rate, it does not necessarily mean that your SEO ranking will be higher. Using site elements that will attract the public’s attention and encourage them to engage is the most effective way to reduce the rejection rate for your site your company

7. Not optimized for mobile

In 2021, it seems almost insane that some companies have sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. Undoubtedly, your business loses potential customers and sales if it does not display well on all screen sizes. In the past, it was common practice to create multiple versions of the site for different screen sizes of the device. Now, it is easier and more efficient to create a responsibly designed site. The responsive design allows you to design a single version of your company’s website, and the design will rearrange itself in response to the detected screen size. Receptive design is a way to make sure your site looks its best on all possible devices.


Although SEO tactics and design trends can change frequently, as long as your company’s website offers high quality content and a good user experience, it will be well received by your audience. Working with an experienced advertising agency, like Detedi, is a way to ensure that the performance of your site will always be improved.

Whether your company’s website design needs to be updated or if your SEO strategy needs assistance, Detedi’s team of experts can help you reimagine your online presence.


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