4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An Advertising Agency

As a marketing leader, choosing the right advertising agency is one of the most important decisions you will make. Whether you want to replace a failed agency or seek more external expertise and advice, do not make the mistakes that other companies make during the agency review process.

Finding an agency that fully represents a brand to its full potential is difficult, time consuming and costly. Because of this, there are several common mistakes that marketers make during the advertising agency selection process:

Advertising agency that follows a simplified approach

Although advertising agencies serve a wide variety of industries, many do not offer originality or distinction. They create a simplified approach to make their job easier without considering what is best for their clients’ business.

When a company requests individualized treatment, some advertisers will respond uncomfortably: “Sorry, we don’t do this for any of our customers.”

Marketing is much more an art than a science. There is no magic formula. There is no guaranteed plan. What worked last year may not work today, and what worked this week may not continue to work. The same strategy that worked for an optics company might not work for a large parts manufacturer.

We believe that each client should have an individualized approach that meets his specific business objectives.

Advertising agency that focuses on a single channel campaign

Some advertisers are only comfortable with what they know. If they have experience in traditional marketing – print ads, TV commercials and radio commercials – they are limited to that one road. Likewise, some advertisers may discourage traditional marketing, calling it outdated or outdated, and may lose valuable audience coverage and marketing opportunities.

A successful advertising agency uses a multi-channel approach to reach sales prospects wherever they are. Multi-channel campaigns often include a healthy mix of two or more of the following: social media marketing, working on websites, creating content (SEO and advertorial articles) email or traditional email marketing, work online or traditional sponsored advertising, content marketing and more.

The advantages of multi-channel capitalization include:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Increase brand awareness in several ways
  • Target potential customers where they are
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Create a cohesive marketing strategy
  • Eliminate missing gaps in marketing coverage
  • A traditional campaign should not compete with digital marketing. Instead, these two campaign strategies are both good paths that lead in the same direction – to success in marketing. Traditional and digital marketing campaigns work together to promote the company’s specific goals and to shape success, reaching online customers.

Advertising agency that does not provide adequate reporting

When it comes to marketing, we are not the first to admit that reporting can be difficult. Marketing is meant to change actions. But in order to change someone’s actions, you must first change their beliefs and, in order to change their beliefs, you must draw their attention.

Actions can be measurable (someone has filled out a form on your site), but beliefs and attention are much harder to measure. That’s why we look at values ​​such as global traffic, SEO and click-through rates; these values ​​can give us an educated assumption about beliefs and attention. For example, if you have more global traffic to your site and new users than in the same period last year, your agency attracts the attention of more people.

Marketing reports can become as granular as possible, but it is important to remember that it is not always a 1: 1 result.

That being said, reporting is still extremely important, especially when you rely on an outsourced company to help your marketing team. Regular reporting should help reduce the gap between your business objectives and marketing execution.

Advertising agency that is blocked in time

Technology is changing rapidly, especially digital marketing technology. Every week, a new product, application or communication tool was launched that promises to change the face of marketing forever.

Take social media, for example. In 2018, organic (unpaid) posts on business pages reached a fairly large audience. Then, in one day, Facebook changed beat the algorithm and devalued unpaid business posts in the news flow of users, decreasing organic coverage by 50-75%. In one day, the business pages had to adopt a new strategy if they wanted their audience to see their posts.

Marketing is changing fast and it’s up to your advertising agency to keep up with these changes. Under no circumstances should she suggest the implementation of every new technology, theory or strategy that emerges, but she should be familiar enough with the changing landscape to make an educated and careful recommendation.

When you are ready to hire an advertising agency

Now that you are ready to hire an advertising agency for your company, document the desired results you want to achieve with your new partner. This will help you set expectations and help you find an agency that can support your business goals.


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