How To Optimize Your Landing Page To Generate More Conversions

If your business has recently launched a digital marketing campaign and it is not working as well as you hoped, do not worry, you are not alone. There are many tactics available that you can do to improve the conversion rate of your landing page.

Although most of these techniques can be completed in-house, it is recommended that you partner with an experienced web design and advertising agency, such as Detedi, who can evaluate your current marketing strategy and update your landing page for optimal results. Here are some common ways to improve your landing page conversion rate.

  1. Understand the goal

Of course, the main goal of your campaign is to capture leads or new customers, but what is the goal of your landing page? It is common for a landing page to have various prompts (CTAs). While this strategy throws a wide network for consumers at all stages of the sales funnel, it can be confusing for users and, in fact, cause them to choose not to convert at all. Successful landing pages focus on one main offer or solution to prevent user confusion.

  1. Understand the audience

It’s easy to find the most popular tactics for landing pages and embed them on your company’s page. But in fact, this might be the best approach to take. Understanding the target audience and what factors come into play for them to decide to make a purchase is necessary to create a successful landing page and improve your conversion rate.

  1. Content and convincing flow

Attracting the user’s attention is not an easy task. Content is one of the most important parts of your landing page, because it’s the main way to communicate with your audience. To keep him interested in learning more, compelling content should be the focus of attention when a user accesses your landing page. Your content should primarily address the user’s intent.

The user’s intention is why they decided to browse your page. Users are looking for a solution to a problem they have and hope to find that solution in the products and services offered by your company. Choose your content carefully, because it can be the difference between improving the conversion rate and determining the deviation of users.

  1. Choosing the right media

One way to ensure a user’s attention is to include the right tools in the design of your landing page, whether it’s images, videos or animation. Users are more likely to watch a video or interact with site elements than read large paragraphs of content. In fact, it has been found that conversions increase by 80% when videos are embedded on a landing page.

There are some useful practices when it comes to including videos on landing pages, some of which include the use of subtitles for users who have the device turned off, and the inclusion of light background music can dramatically increase the quality of the video. Videos should be directly related to the content and offer of the landing page to be most successful.

  1. Create strong urges

The urge (CTA) is by far the most important element on a landing page. Although it may seem like a button, these buttons hold the key to the whole reason why the landing page exists in the first place. The CTAs you decide to use on your landing page depend on the goal or conversion you want your target audience to complete.

Some common landing page conversions, including subscribing to the user now, asking the user to fill out a form for more information, or encouraging users to complete a purchase in order to take advantage of a limited time offer or discount. When creating CTAs, page placement, color, size, and message must be chosen carefully.

Placing on the page – Placing all the elements of the site is important, but it may not be a surprise that placing your CTAs at the top of the page is a common practice and seems to be a successful tactic. It is also common to embed CTAs in multiple places on the landing page to allow users who have gone through them to easily convert, no matter where they are on the page.

Color – Choose a button color that stands out from the rest of your website design. It has been found that successful CTAs usually have a shade of blue, orange or green and have the same color for it’s the whole page.

Size – The size of the CTA button should be proportional to the other design elements. Too small, and users will probably miss it too much, and users may be intimidated.

Message – The CTA message is meant to get the public’s attention and encourage them to convert. The use of language that generates a sense of urgency or emphasizes why a user needs your specific product is common.

Well-designed CTAs have been shown to increase your company’s landing page conversion rate.

  1. Optimize the page load speed

No matter how much time you spend perfecting your landing page, if your site takes too long to load, your conversion rate will be negatively affected. Ideally, your site should take no more than 5-7 seconds to load. You can check the loading speed of your landing page using the Google Pagespeed Insights tool.


Having a well-designed landing page is directly related to increasing conversion rates. If your current landing page and advertising campaign don’t work, incorporating the tactics mentioned above can help.

Partnering with an experienced web design and advertising agency can help you simplify this process and improve the conversion rate of your landing page.


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